Raw support and community:
Meetup is a great way to meet people who regularly gather for potlucks, to support one another, and to host educational events. A great place to meet like-minded people on a similar path.

The Movement to Reverse Diabetes Naturally is a huge collection of everything you need to know to implement a raw foods diet and reverse diabetes. Although it is primarily aimed at Type II, some Type I has been reversed and there are many mis-diagnoses. I very strongly recommend the DVDs -- for you or anyone in your family affected by diabetes. I've seen the movie many times and, because I trained at the Tree of Life, still get misty-eyed.

The Rave Diet and Lifestyle is where you can get such great books and DVDs as Eating, and Healing Cancer from Inside Out. These items are endorsed by T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D (The China Study) and Neal Barnard, M.D. (Program for Reversing Diabetes)


Raw foods, Kitchen equipment and Recipes

Sprouting Chart shows how long you need to soak and germinate seeds to grow fresh sprouts. Grow your own fresh sprouts for just pennies!

Recipes - just added this, watch for expansion soon!

Excalibur Dehydrators are the standard for raw foodies and superior to what you will find at department stores due to the construction. The fan blows evenly to all layers unlike other models where the fan is on top or bottom (which means you have to rotate the trays). If you take one of my classes, I can offer even better prices!

Natural Zing a Maryland business providing raw food, ingredients, supplements, and kitchen tools — their products are tried and true. They sell organic, unpasteurized almonds, too!

Sunfood Nutrition™ an information-packed site with articles and products. David Wolfe is one of the leading authorities in the living foods movement — his products are tried and true.


Retreats, education centers and miscellaneous:

Briarly Hill Retreat in Poolesville, Maryland offers raw food detox and retreats based on the Hallelujah Acres program. Mention my name, Sharon Greenspan, and receive $25 off spa services!

Ann Wigmore Institute an educational facility that teaches the use of wheatgrass juice and detoxifying.

Hippocrates Institute an educational facility for anyone who wants to learn about creating optimal health. Call Susan Lerner at 1-800-842-2125 extension 343 and mention my name for a discount.

Tree of Life a rejuvenation center that awakens physical, spiritual and intellectual existence.

Arise and Shine producers of colon and other cleanses. Very deep cleansing. Please do not attempt without the aid of a coach, naturopath, and/or colonic therapist

Blessed Herbs producers of colon and other cleanses. These products are gentle and rebalance the body.

Healing Touch:

Healing Touch Program information about Healing Touch

Healing Touch International the professional organization for Healing Touch

USA Today featured an article about Healing Touch