Do you want to enjoy what you're doing instead of just doing, doing doing?

Lifestyle coaching uncovers what doesn’t work and how you might be preventing your own success. It fosters constant learning about yourself. Together, we figure out how to set you up for success and create habits which serve you best. Oh yeah, we also have a lot of fun!

Imagine balancing the "being" and "doing" in your life?

Most people don't realize they absolutely have a choice about how to experience what they do. Build the habit of consciously choosing how you're going to...make that phone call or complete that project, and you'll be balancing the "being" and "doing" in your life. And you'll enjoy life a whole lot more!

Through this work, I have started the process of freeing myself from rationalization, procrastination and the narcotic pull of the past, and I am already seeing results in both my professional and personal life.

Ruth Riddick, communications consultant


Lifestyle Coaching is a structured program that lasts about 5 months. We meet every 2-3 weeks for a total 13 meetings. It's about changing your habits and this takes time and consistency. The approach gathers both quantitative and qualitative data about how you live your life. It is a creative and scientific approach to creating success and happiness on a consistent basis.

There are self-care assignments between meetings, some of which will require significant time. Only those are truly dedicated to making changes should apply.

Balance It All System Training Program (Includes Authentic Energizer process and the BIAS Towards A Happy Life workbook) 13 sessions includes phone and email support between sessions (sessions are one hour except for Authentic Energizer which is 2 hours)

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