Ever have the feeling that you were just "in the groove"? Being your most authentic self?

Authentic Energizer reveals what talents you bring to the world and what energizes you when you express these talents or are engaged in using them. It's different from a traditional life purpose or mission statement because it accounts for how you feel and expressing your talents. Mission statements and traditional life purpose statements talk about what you do.

What if you could re-create that in all areas of your life?

You'd have:

You'd be able to:

Sample Authentic Energizer statements:

My authentic energizer is to eclectically use my inner strength and perseverance to grow and help others grow positively along spiritual lines.
I am authentically energized when I apply my wonderful energy in order to make connections in this world that respect and celebrate my values and standards.
My authentic energizer is to playfully and intuitively create opportunities for mediation and resolution.
I am authentically energized when I experience freedom while choosing challenges that contribute to the growth of myself and others.

So What?

So the person whose Authentic Energizer is "to playfully and intuitively create opportunities for mediation and resolution" chose a career in mediation. She created a company which used role playing and improvisation to facilitate mediation. This same person volunteered on the Board of her condo association. She often found herself brokering family arguments, which she didn't like. When she realized that bringing playfulness to such situations made her feel energized, she began to use that in family situations and her relationships improved tremendously.


Authentic Energizer is a one time meeting. The meeting lasts about two hours. Your Authentic Energizer lasts forever!

Are you ready to be energized all the time?

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